Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free return (Peninsula)

Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free return (Peninsula)

Do you know what a Bouti Quilt is?

Many people are the ones who are still surprised when they hear the word “bouti”, since it is not used very often. This word refers to  type of padding used in this bedding, as it differs from the traditional quilt which lacks this filling. East term comes from the French and gives meaning to the kind of making de stitching on the fabric for prevent padding from moving inside the garment.

In the beginning, the quilts emerged as a decorative garment and also to protect bottom bedding (the sheets for example) and give an elegant and distinctive touch to the room. With this padding, the boutis have also acquired their use for resting. Unlike the traditional quilt, these were characterized by their thickness and weight, qualities designed to help us maintain body heat inside the bed on cold winter nights. The main drawback of these quilts arises on nights when the cold is not so pronounced, even causing heat.

In some regions of countries such as Spain, compared to other European countries such as Denmark, Norway or Germany, night temperatures are not as low as in these countries further north. Due to this arises the bouti bedspread; perfect garment for climates where mid-season nights are mild or for houses very well acclimatized in winter. In combination with other garments such as blankets, sheets... we can use this garment throughout the year.

this quilt It is also called multipoint.. This because his fine padding stays tailored and supported to the two outer layers of tissue by countless stitching throughout the garment.

initially in Creaciones Euromoda we made our quilts with small diamonds, however, a few years ago the production changed. This is due to two reasons, first that fashions change and we change with itIn addition, we continually carry out studies to check and improve the comfort of our garments. At present, we make these quilts with horizontal stitching. This new type of stitching achieves a greater feeling of softness by eliminating unnecessary stitching throughout the entire quilt and also visually there is a much more attractive garment.

These garments are made with best materials on the market. He interior It is composed of antiallergic polyester fibers. Conjugated and siliconized hollow fiber. The exterior can be found in two layers, one internal and one external. Normally made in extra soft 100% percale cotton of 144 threads or also in High quality microfiber, antibacterial and anti-humidity with a petal touch.

These high-quality materials we print digitally in our facilities Bocairent,Valencia, give the garment a superior softness and exceptional color richness.

Like the rest of our articles, the multipoint quilts comply with the OEKO-TEX® 100 standard which indicates that this Article is free of harmful substances for people.

Furthermore, the AITEX textile technology institute, after tests carried out in its laboratories, certifies our 120g padding as excellent in comfort of bedding items.

We only have to talk about the final touch so that this great bedding becomes part of your room, the Design. En Euromoda We manufacture a multitude of brands and licenses designed also in our own Design department to offer you a wide range of styles and colors always setting trends in home decoration.

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