Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free return (Peninsula)

Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free return (Peninsula)

How to choose the weight of your Nordic filling?

With the arrival of the descent of temperatures we begin to raise the doubts of what nordic filling is the one that best suits our room and the temperature that we will have in it. Due to the simplicity of the product, since it can be classified as a neutral product with no apparent design and that the content of the interior can not be appreciated, it is difficult to understand why there are different prices in the market. 1 / 3 of our lives approximately we spend them in our bed so for our greater comfort we must dedicate the time that the election deserves. EYE! It is not easy. 

The Nordic filling is what will finally offer the ideal environment during sleep, superior to any other piece of bedding thanks to the weight it offers on them. In this context it is not more suitable neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, but the one that best suits both the geographical area (it is not the same to live in Galicia as in Valencia) and the room's ambient temperature. The differences between the Nordic fillings can become bulky and their performance would not be as disparate.

At this point, a natural Nordic filling will apparently be better than a synthetic filling (We already explained the differences in the previous post) Apparently, due to the adulteration that the Nordic landfill market is constantly experiencing since not seeing its internal content you can not get to appreciate the quality of it and you must believe the label.

Now yes, regardless of the manufacturing material these are the 5 keys that you should consider to be able to choose the Nordic filling:

Geographic Zone

The range of average temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula during the night is very dispersed. The average nighttime temperature in Spain is 8,1 degrees according to AEMET, however, in Galicia the average temperatures in winter oscillate between the 3-4 degrees, however in Andalusia they oscillate between the 8-10 degrees. We must consider the average of degrees We are going to suffer the winter nights as they influence the cold that will transmit to our home.

Climatic conditions of the room

In what conditions are we going to sleep? It is not the same to sleep with the window open, the heating on or with a blanket on top. We must consider at what temperature is the room at bedtime. Also depending on the orientation of the room if it has given the sun during the day or not and the height of the house.

Do you sleep alone or as a couple?

The Nordic filling is a "heat container". Therefore it is not the same as the heat that we give off when sleeping, it is issued by a person or two. It is considered that sleeping in pairs emits twice as much heat and therefore the feeling is of greater warmth.

Cold or hot?

There is diversification of body states between people. Not all are equal, obviously. There are many factors that influence that a person can become hot or cold and must be taken into account. A warm person will be more prone to perceive in heat and more reluctant the cold, however a whopping person will be totally the opposite. In this case, there is the possibility of buying the Nordic filling of 4 stations that will allow us to adapt the grammage depending on the day we are with just a few clicks.

The size must be exact.

You must buy the exact size of Nordic padding that suits the duvet cover. Currently there are many sizes of import that do not fit the duvet cover and are smaller so the filling would move through the interior of the duvet case causing bad to be or if it is too large will cause replenishing fill. Do not forget. The size of the Nordic padding should match the size of the duvet cover.

In a real case

A person who lives in Madrid sleeps at an average nighttime temperature in winter around 7 degrees and has an ambient temperature in his room of 14 degrees, sleeps accompanied and always feels cold. Solution: you should acquire the Nordic filling of 400 grams.

Do you have doubts when choosing the weight of your Nordic filling? Tell it and we will help you!

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