Delivery time between 2 - 4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula)

Delivery time between 2 - 4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula)

How to choose the best Nordic filling

The cold has arrived and although the duvet can be used all year round, comes the usual doubt. You have decided to buy one comfortable duvet cover to stop using your old sheets and blankets but you don't know what Nordic filling to buy. We will clarify your doubts in a simple way with two fundamental premises: Weight and size, With our advice you can rest peacefully at night. Our studies and experience as manufacturers in Spain of quilts for more than 30 years they will help you perform the best choice.

All our fillings are certified excellent according to the classification offered by Aitex (Textile Technological Institute) in tests carried out for the comfort of bed wrap articles.


This is the part that usually costs the most to decide. The first thing you have to be clear about is that the weight of the Nordic fillings does not make you warm any more, but what it does is regulate body temperature in the best way. The higher the weight of your filling, the more your body heat will be maintained and vice versa.

Our Naturals fillers help regulate this body temperature in an ideal way. They offer good breathability and excellent thermoregulation. The choice of each of them will depend on different factors:

Duvet 120 grams

  • For halftime, cool spring or summer. (temperatures 22-23ºC)
  • Houses very well acclimatized with high temperature.


Duvet 300 grams

  • Autumn and winter, grammage standardized for cold. (temperatures 16 -22ºC)
  • Ideal weight for the little ones or growth.


Duvet 400 grams

  • For the chilliest in autumn and winter. (temperatures 14 - 20ºC)
  • Houses without air conditioning
  • Cold areas of Northern Spain, Castilla León and Teruel


4 seasons duvet.

  • Ideal for use during throughout the year. (temperatures 14 - 23ºC)
  • 120 + 250 grams = 370 grams.
  • 2 fillings attached by clips separable.

In blue the coldest areas of Spain. (Source Aemet)


Size is also important to make a good choice. Although we recommend these measures, remember check with a tape measure Yes, with the width we offer, it can look good on your bed. The more the duvet hangs over the sides of your bed, the more protection against the cold you will have, especially if you move around a lot at night.

  • 150x220 inch for beds of mattress from 80 to 90 cm
  • 180x220 inch for beds from 100 to 110 cm going through the body and a half (105 cm)
  • 220x220 inch ideal measure for 135 beds although it encompasses the possibility of reaching between 120 to 140 cm mattress
  • 240x220 inch measure for 150 bed that can cover mattresses of 140 to 160 cm
  • 270x220 inch for 180 cm bed, it can also be used for mattresses from 160 to 200 cm

Sometimes we have other special measures that we manufacture for other countries or types of bed, ask us if the measure you need is different from the standardized one.


It is essential do not confuse this type of fillings with those of a duvet cover. These fillings are made in 300 grams since according to our studies, this grammage is the ideal for boys and girls of growing and developing age.

The Nordic sack fillings are specifically for this product, they are made for beds of 90 and 105 centimeters so their measurements are 90 x 200 cm and 105 x 200 cm respectively. As you can see, it specifically covers the surface of the bed to perfectly adapt to the Nordic bag.

The crib fillers are manufactured in two sizes crib (100 x 120 cm) and maxicuna (115 x 145 cm)


Our Nordic fillings are made in Spain with the best quality standards, in addition as we have commented previously, they are 16/0003 certificates as excellent product. In addition, all our textiles have the Oeko-Tex certified which guarantees that all components of the product are not harmful to health, in addition to manufacturing processes are respectful with the environment.

The fiber of the filling is the best conjugated hollow fiber and recycled polyester silicon. Our commitment with the planet is the decrease of plastic elements, that is why we chose this type of fiber.

Su finish manages to be like that of feather fillings, with major advantages in front of his wear and wash. In addition, synthetic Nordic fillings are much cheaper.

Naturals quilts can be machine washed without the need to take it to the dry cleaner.

Being 100% synthetic fibers, these quilts are antibacterial and anti-humidity, which does not happen with the Nordic feather fillings that suffer a greater accumulation of mites. Are fibers are recommended for allergy sufferers.

El covering one of these duvets is made of white microfiber, a fabric with a very soft and pleasant peach touch. The resistance of this material will make you enjoy your quilt for years and years.

The filling is made by means of a system of kassetten confection. The fiber is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the microfiber and is made in the shape of diamonds to ensure that the fibers do not move throughout the interior. These diamonds are oversized to also achieve a hollowed-out finish.

We hope that we have cleared your doubts, however, remember that the temperature for rest is something very personal and you may not agree with our advice. Any additional questions, contact us to advise you in the best possible way.

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