Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula) *MARLEY brand orders will be delivered from March 11 to 15.

Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula) *MARLEY brand orders will be delivered from March 11 to 15.

The advantages of using quilts in your home

In the world of interior design and home décor, bedspreads are versatile and functional items that can completely transform the appearance of a room. Often underestimated, quilts not only add an aesthetic touch to your space, but also offer numerous practical advantages for every season of the year. In this blog, we'll explore why quilts are a smart choice for your home and how they can complement different times of the year.


 More than a Decorative Element:

The bedspreads they are much more than just a decorative addition to your bed. In addition to providing a touch of style, they also play an essential role in comfort and rest. Its advantages include:


light insulation: On cool nights, a quilt provides lightweight insulation that keeps you warm without generating excess heat. This is especially useful in the intermediate seasons like spring and fall.


Protection and Durability: EThis item of clothing can protect your duvets and heavier blankets from dust buildup and direct sunlight exposure. This not only extends the life of your textiles, but also makes it easier to care for.


Seasonal Versatility: These textiles are available in a variety of thicknesses and materials, making them a suitable choice for all seasons. From lighter for the summer to more padded options for the winter, you can always find the perfect quilt for each time of the year.


For Each Time of the Year:


Spring Season: In the season of rebirth and blossoming, opt for soft colors and floral prints. Lightweight bedspreads will add a layer of comfort without generating excessive heat.

Summer: For warm summer nights, choose bedspreads made from breathable materials, such as cotton. Light colors and fresh patterns will bring a refreshing atmosphere to your room.

Fall Season: During this transitional season, warmer bedspreads and earthy tones can create a cozy atmosphere. Opt for richer textures and nature-inspired designs.

Winter: In the cold months, choose thicker bedspreads, such as those made of quilted fabric or even wool. Deep colors and classic designs will provide a feeling of warmth and comfort.


Explore Our Variety:


On our website, We offer you a wide range of bedspreads designed to meet your needs and personal style. From minimalist quilts to more elaborate patterns, you'll find options to suit any type of décor. Our bedspreads are Made with high quality materials that guarantee durability and comfort.

In short, quilts are much more than a decorative accessory. They are practical and functional elements that can transform your space and provide comfort in all seasons. Explore our selection of quilts on our website and choose the perfect option to add style and comfort to your home throughout the year.