Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula) *MARLEY brand orders will be delivered from March 11 to 15.

Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula) *MARLEY brand orders will be delivered from March 11 to 15.

The 10 benefits of a good nap with fresh sheets

The siesta, that short and pleasant nap that is enjoyed especially during the warm summer afternoons, is much more than just a break to rest. In addition to providing a moment of relaxation and relief, taking a nap with cool sheets can have numerous benefits for our physical and mental health.. Here are ten reasons to prioritize a good night's sleep with fresh sheets in your daily routine:

1. Increase productivity

A short but refreshing nap can significantly improve productivity and cognitive performance. When resting, our brain rejuvenates, which allows us to be more alert and focused on our tasks.

2. Reduce stress 

Taking time to sleep at noon in a relaxing way with cool sheets helps to reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone. This provides a sense of calm and well-being, which can be beneficial for overall mental health.

3. Improve memory with a short nap

 During the nap, the brain processes and consolidates the information acquired during the day. This helps improve memory, learning and retention capacity of new knowledge.

4. Boost creativity 

Sleeping with cool sheets can encourage creativity and problem solving. When resting, the brain makes connections and associations that can lead to new ideas and innovative approaches.

5. Nap that benefits the heart 

Studies have shown that regular naps are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. sleep well is Linked to better cardiovascular health.

6. Boosts the mood

 A power nap with cool sheets can help improve mood and reduce irritability. The sensation of rest and comfort that it provides can drive away bad mood and fatigue.

7. Nap that regulates metabolism

Lack of sleep can negatively affect metabolism and appetite, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits. A proper nap can help regulate hormonal balance and appetite control.

8. Promotes muscle relaxation 

During the nap, our muscles have the opportunity to relax and recover from daily stress. This can help reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility.

9. Increase energy

A short nap with cool sheets can provide an energy boost to help us overcome the fatigue of the day and feel revitalized to continue with our activities.

10. Improves skin health

Quality sleep is linked to better skin health. By sleeping, our body repairs itself, which contributes to more radiant and healthy skin.

When it comes to enjoying a relaxing break, the right textiles can make the difference between an ordinary experience and a truly pleasant moment of rest. Euromoda offers a wide range of textile products specifically designed to enhance your nap experience, providing comfort and freshness throughout the year.

Cool and breathable cotton sheets: Nothing compares to slipping between cool, soft cotton sheets for a comforting nap. the textiles of Euromoda are Made with high quality cotton, known for its breathability and softness. This ensures that you can relax in a comfortable environment free from excessive heat, even on the hottest days of summer.

Quilts and light blankets: During midday naps, the room temperature may vary. Ideal for providing an extra layer of comfort without making you feel overwhelmed by the heat. You can enjoy a nap without worrying about the change in temperatures.

Decorative cushions for optimal support: In addition to being a decorative element, cushions are also great for providing proper support during a nap. They come in different sizes and fillings, allowing you to find the perfect balance between softness and firmness for your rest

Soft towels for a nap on the beach or pool: What better place for a summer nap than on the beach or by the pool? Towels are designed to be soft to the touch, absorbent and quick-drying. So you can take a nap in the warm sun, knowing you'll have a comfortable place to lie down.


In short, taking time for a nap with cool sheets of Euromoda It can bring with it a series of benefits for our physical and mental health. So don't hesitate to allow yourself an occasional nap to enjoy all these wonderful positive effects!