Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula) *MARLEY brand orders will be delivered from March 11 to 15.

Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula) *MARLEY brand orders will be delivered from March 11 to 15.

The 5 commandments to go to sleep

En Euromoda we care about him rest and comfort of our clients. That is why we put a lot of effort into creating and designing the best sheets, pillows, Nordic y quilts to guarantee the deep sleep of the users. 

El insomnia It is a problem that affects thousands of citizens today. Many times we have woken up with the feeling of not having rested at all or ending the day exhausted from fatigue. These are sensations that experience more than 12 million people in Spain according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) .

For this reason, and given this shocking fact, in today's blog we are going to give you some advice so that your dream is more repairing and quality. Following routines and habits is always a good way to accustom the body to improve. 

Get up and go to bed always at the same time 

If you keep a very set schedule and get up very early during the week, it will surely have happened to you that the day you don't have to get up early your body wakes up at the same time naturally. That happens because the body is very wise and is directed through routines. That's why it's very important keep a schedule when we go to sleep and when we wake up . Above all on the weekend, when we radically change our schedule to go to bed and wake up later than normal 

Do not spend with the nap

The siesta and the Spanish, this unconditional love of society for lying down for a while after eating can take its toll on us when we want to fall asleep at night. The recommended thing is not exceed 30 minutes nap so if you are one of those who can take a nap and do it without an alarm clock...Do not pass! 

Control your dinner before bed

It is very typical to come home after a long day and very hungry and prepare a great dinner because you deserve it. However, we must be careful in this because we are not going to burn anything while we sleep and our body will work twice as hard. If dinner is too heavy it can cause problems at bedtime. Are there foods that help you sleep? more than others, it is good to recognize them and establish them in our diet. 

A suitable environment and temperature

This is probably one of the most important factors. You have to keep a stable temperature to sleep, usually between 15 and 22 degrees, although it is always better to sleep with a few degrees less than a few degrees more. 

On the other hand, we have the importance of feeling comfortable in the space in which we sleep. In other words, the quality of our mattress, of the cushions, sheets, have the quilt suitable for the season of the year in which we find ourselves…etc is what makes the difference. If you have your room decorated to your liking and when you enter you have that feeling of inner peace so important when it comes to falling asleep it will be much easier to sleep than when you have a room that does not match your tastes and needs. But, the important thing is not only to have a beautiful room on the outside and that it gives you that inner peace just by seeing it, the important thing is also that be practical and quality. The clothes that your bed wears are the basis when it comes to a good rest, if you have sheets that do not fit your bed, a cushion that is too old and used and a duvet that does not warm you enough... your night routine is going to be a disaster In Euromoda we look at each detail to improve your sleep quality always with the best products and a wide collection.

Your sleeping ritual

As we have mentioned before, the human body is very routine and is very wise in remembering the steps we repeat. Therefore, find the night routine that best suits you It can be a great advantage to fall asleep. Take a hot bath, drink an infusion after dinner, read a couple of chapters, listen to some relaxing music….Anything goes! 

Ultimately, Sleeping well is synonymous with good physical and mental health. We are in a world in which sleep disorders are becoming more common and there are many people who cannot sleep peacefully or long enough. So don't spend more sleepless nights and start taking care of your health, follow these tips because to find a quality rest you have to start by looking quality products