Icehome, nordisk designs. Nordic style designed and made in Spain following the patterns of northern fashion
A style open to the light, the art of mixing… and hitting it right, with 100% natural cotton fabrics. Although the Nordic decorations are usually sober, the prints are never lacking to give a cheerful and daring touch. Strong colors combined with low saturated colors, pastel ranges and geometric patterns.
Natural references present as floral and plant prints.
A little breath of fresh air that will turn your home into a decorative blizzard that is eternally in style.

A collection to follow your dreams and achieve them.

Duvet Cover for the best duvets, top quality sheets, bedspreads and cushions. Ideal designer bed sets to make your stay more Nordic.

The entire collection is presented with bags of 100% natural cotton fabric, our commitment to the environment is to reduce plastic and take care of our planet. We believe in a more sustainable future and that is why we present this collection with a presentation of natural, original and reusable fabrics. We are Ecofriendly.



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