Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free return (Peninsula)

Delivery time between 2-4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free return (Peninsula)

Solidarity patchwork scraps

Some time ago we entered a new adventure, a solidarity project de digital printing to create new product. A small article to satisfy the need of the most creative minds in the world of costura and in addition to that power help an association with which we collaborate. This is how our project was born. patchwork fabric. Creaciones Euromoda in collaboration with Trevol association supports the employment of people with special needs.

What is Patchwork?

patchwork is a method of costura in which through union of pieces of fabric of different colors, designs and shapes as well as other elements, a new garment, object, work of art is made... This creative technique is used to create pieces of fashion, for him Home, decor, covers, cases... or anything that can go through your imagination. Also for repair o re-use clothing, objects and old belongings.

Unleash your most creative side and enter the world of patchwork with our cool designs.

Our remnant packs.

We have created 4 color sets, pink, green, beige/grey y azul. The patterns used have been stripes, vichy checks, hearts, dots, borders, zig zag, hearts and flowers. The pieces of cloth are 35 x 35 centimeters and each pack consists of 6 scraps different combined with its color. There is also the option of buy all 4 packs together at an exceptional price acquiring in this way 24 pieces of different colors and designs. These scraps are digitally printed on 100% cotton of 144 threads, thus achieving a great smoothness and tall color duration. This product complies with standard 100 of OEKO-TEX® , this means that this product is free of harmful substances to health. They can be washed at 40ºC and ironed without any problem. We discourage the use of a dryer, bleach or bleach and dry cleaning as they are natural cotton fibers

A solidarity initiative.

Creaciones Euromodacollaborate with Trevol Project in a textile training workshop. Trèvol job training is focused on discover the abilities and preferences of people with disabilities. All work areas such as hospitality, works, services, shops, warehouse, etc. are worked on. To make the process more real we have the collaboration of companies that have hired a person with a disability and they supply us with their products so that the practice is as real as possible and thus evaluate people for a possible job in the sector. So it has been that the small packs of scraps have been created by users of Trèvol.

The labor insertion of these people is the mission of this project. For years, we have collaborated with this organization and a user of it is part of our team.

What is the Trevol Project?

El Trevol project is a support structure with a professional team that it must act as an intermediary between society and people with disabilities, so that they benefit from the processes of socialization and integration, training and development that society has created for the population as a whole; thus facilitating that these people go from being dependent and assisted individuals to being active contributors or what is the same, to go from being and living as a passive population to being an active population in all the breadth of expression and in all areas of life.

The result is the transformation of the dependent and assisted person into an active population contributing like any other worker with their effort and developing, from the social point of view, like any other person.

We greatly appreciate Projecte Trèvol for all the work it does to improve society and the inclusion of all people.