Still do not know the Nordic Sacks?

The bedding changes, it adapts to the fashion, they also arise new clothes to make us the life simpler and safer.

We remind you of the case of Nordic sacks. Surely you have a little person in your house, a nest bed, a berth, a van o a van y make the bed every day is an ordeal.

Well, faced with this problem, the Nordic Sacs arose.

With this Nordic sleeve mode, too we decrease the risk of falling from the bed or what mothers and fathers suffer the most, prevent children from uncovering at night.

We tell you how. The Nordic sack is based on a bottom and a Nordic cover joined by a system of zippers. It has a filling of 300 g that can be extracted to perform its washing easily. This Nordic filling is recommended for the youngest and youngest. You can also buy without filling to have a spare or two.

The Most advantageous tips of this great invention.

  • You can make the bed in less than 1 minute. Simply fastening a zipper that is found all around, no matter which side the bed is on.
  • We thus reduce the possibility that the children may fall out of bed or uncover. It is not necessary to wrap the cover to the mattress every night, it is closed with the zipper.
  • El Filling can be easily extracted by means of an internal zipper so you do not have to wash it every time.
  • We have designs for everyone! Not only for the children's audience.

And not, It is not an expensive product. Surely you are already thinking why you do not have one.

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