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The image that ICEHOME offers is very current, original and attractive, inspired by Nordic design for all types of public. In the collection that we present here you will discover a different vision, with the intention of satisfying the need to dream and have fun, the rest that your home provides you, combining beauty and delicacy, the pleasure of enjoying your dreams surrounded by pleasant sensations.

The Nordic sack is attached to the bottom with a zipper, with a bellows where it allows great space of movement inside the bag. The filling of 300 gr (can be purchased with or without filling), made with polyester fiber touch feather, can be easily removed through an internal zipper.
This garment is ideal for making the bed easily since it is opened and closed laterally by means of its zipper. Your bed made in 1 minute! With the Nordic sack you can prevent the little ones from uncovering themselves at night or preventing them from falling out of bed.

90 bed:
Nordic sack measurements: 90 × 190 / 200 cm
Pillow measures: 45 × 110 cm

The prints are made in DIGITAL PRINTING, the latest technology in the global textile market, where it achieves extra soft finishes, high definition printing and high guarantee and color fastness in washing.
Made with 100% cotton 144 threads, extra soft.
Includes: Duvet bag, attached to the bottom sheet by zip + pillowcase
Depending on the selected option, it includes padding or not.
It contains a zipper on both sides.
Bellows to promote the movement of the child.
Product manufactured in Spain.

Nordic sack washing instructions:
Washing machine
Do not use bleach.
Do not dry clean.
Ironing at medium temperature: 150º C.
Wash with medium, neutral detergents.
Wash and dry immediately. Do not leave the garment wet or soak inside the washing machine.
Do not overload the washing machine.
Filling washing instructions:
It can be machine washed at a low temperature.
Do not use bleach.
Do not dry clean.
Do not iron.


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