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4 tricks to wash the yellowed sheets and remain as new

How to wash the white sheets that have become yellowed?

When we choose white clothes, both clothing and sheets, towels or tablecloths we do precisely because of that: because we adore white. When that color is demeaned, as is the typical case of yellowish white sheets, we quickly start asking for advice, to search here and there with only one premise in to wash yellowish sheets?

Well, the good news is that there are many methods and products that will help us combat the yellowish white sheets and return them to their original target. Pay attention that we talk about methods and products, this means that not all products to wash yellowish white sheets they are applied in any way, but there are methods and times that we have to respect.

How to dry your yellowish white sheets to regain their original color?

Before going to the products themselves and the details of when and how to apply them, I will begin with a basic premise, linked to drying rather than washing and is as old as it is effective: whenever you have the opportunity to dry in the sun your yellowish white sheets, any method you apply will be strongly enhanced, in relation to drying by machine. I know ... not all of us have that possibility, especially if we live in small spaces in large cities, but I do not want to stop mentioning it, because sooner or later we go on vacation or we will meet a relative who does have that possibility and is worth It is worth asking them for that small favor.

Dry yellowish yellow sheets are new white

4 tricks to recover the white on your yellow sheets

Now yes: What are the products that I can mix with the detergent or common washing soap, in order to improve the washing of my yellowish white sheets?

  • Bicarbonate of soda. The ideal is to add half a cup to the measure of the detergent you use in your regular wash. If you want to use bleach anyway, reduce it to half the current measurement.
  • Distilled white vinegar (half a cup), you add it to your regular detergent amount. Do not worry about the strong smell, it will disappear when the yellowish white sheets dry (the good thing is that by then they will not be so yellow!)
  • Amount half a cup of hydrogen peroxide (the one of 3% that is easily available in stores and pharmacies) to the detergent in your regular washing.
  • Lemon juiceAdd fourth or half a cup to the detergent you usually use.

All the above mentioned in relation to add something to your usual detergent. But I add other possibilities: the treatments before the final regular washing that you usually do. My favorite is soaking for an entire night, I do so: in four liters of very hot water, I add half a cup (if I can a little more) of lemon juice. You let it sit all night, rinse and the next day you do the regular washing. Your yellowish white sheets, they will stop being it and they will return to that whiteness that you love.

how to wash old yellowed sheets tricks

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